Stella Genesis Barrel

Inception Designs

Regular price $39.99

This is the foundation for the Stella Barrel System.  A great place to start your venture into the Stella barrel system.  All barrel pieces are compatible with ALL other Stella pieces.

This 14 inch 2-piece barrel has an 8 inch control bore and stepped out front tip.  The barrel back in .686 bore sized. The Genesis Tip is bored at .697 and has small diameter porting to quiet shots.

The best choice for your first barrel upgrade is future-proofed and compatible with ALL Stella Barrel components.


  • Autococker Threaded
  • Upgrade-able with Stella barrel components
  • 8" control bore for greater range and accuracy
  • Porting helps to keep rain and paint from getting inside the barrel
  • Chamfered entry of the barrel to help prevent paint breakage