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The game may change, but our focus never falters. Our desire to produce the very best paintball markers on the planet; unwavering.

The CS2 is born of those desires and honed with laser-like focus to be the best. To be used by the best. To conquer. And to win.

The CS line has evolved. The CS prefix now dictates not a system or a platform or a drivetrain, but instead denotes our premier line. Our current technological peak. Each CS variant should be taken in isolation and not simply as an iteration of the previous numeric revision. The CS1 and CS2 may share few parts, and fewer principle functions, but they do share the same Eclipse DNA that flows through all our products. Performance, Reliability, Simplicity. Core attributes that run through them and define them. Built and supported the Eclipse way.


Based on the industry-leading Gamma Core, the GP Core takes the basic principles of the system and elevates it into a true high-end platform. Every major component within the GP Core is new.


Each one optimised to take full advantage of the significantly larger volume of the firing chamber and enabling the operating pressure to be reduced to just 105psi. That super low operating pressure combined with revised 3-stage bolt acceleration profile, revised flow paths through the system that critically shape of the power pulse behind the ball, and a new 3rd Gen ST (Soft Touch) bolt mean that the GP Core and the CS2 is capable of shooting the most fragile tournament-grade paint possible. At the same time, the GP Core uses and exhausts only 50% of the air that is used during the standard Gamma Core cycle. That's half the wasted air each shot. The GP Core also makes the use of other advanced dynamic principles such as breech sensing, inlet cut-off, pneumatic latching, decoupling and complete Dwell insensitivity to ensuring exceptional efficiency in all conditions.


And that is another area that the CS2 excels. The ability for it to thrive under any conditions, in any environment, anywhere on the planet. Be it a desert at 100f or the frozen north at -10f the GP Core is designed to function flawlessly where other systems and even the human body will often fail. The Gamma Core has proven time and again that it can take the abuse and neglect. It can take the freezing cold and the heat. And it can do this while still delivering exceptional performance time after time after time. The GP Core sets to continue that tradition, but with an added level of sophistication and feel. It is without doubt our most refined system yet.

But the refinements in the CS2 extend beyond the drivetrain.


The electronics package within the CS2 is also our most advanced yet. All of the electronics, including the batteries, solenoid and breech sensors are now mounted directly into the frame. There are no longer any components attached to the body of the marker at all. That means no contacts or terminals or plugs and sockets between the body and frame. None. With fewer contacts comes fewer failure points and increased reliability. But the CS2 also has increased performance. For the first time ever in an Eclipse marker the CS2 runs dual 16-bit RISC-based microcontrollers. These processors run asynchronously allowing the fundamental control of the firing cycle to function completely independently of the graphical and user interface. On top of that the CS2 is the first production marker of its kind to incorporate a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module in its standard configuration. The inclusion of BLE opens up a world of connectivity options for the CS2 in the future.


Along with all the electronics, the new frame contains an all-new trigger that incorporates a second axle. This second axle works as an adjustable pivot point and carrier between the trigger plate that carries all the regular pre, post and return adjustment points, and the trigger shoe itself that the player interacts with.

CS2 Trigger GIF

This means the exact angle of the trigger can now be quickly and easily adjusted via just a single screw without having to mess with any other trigger parameter. And with both magnetic and spring return as standard, the range of adjustment that is possible with this setup is simply staggering. Of course it is all slop-free and runs exceptionally smoothly on dual precision bearings.


CS2 Grip GIF

The frame also benefits from a new ergonomic feel. The rear grips are a new tool-less quick-release full rubber wraparound design. The grips are super thin from top to bottom with a waisted upper section and textured contact patches for comfort and control. The frame has also been rotated significantly to give the back strap a steeper angle and a more natural feel. But for those that prefer the feel of the palm-swell CS1 grip, the CS2 frame is designed to accept them without alteration. But the pitch length of the CS2 from front of the foregrip to the saddle of the rear grip remains familiarly long in order retain that stability that a only a stretch out marker can give. There is also plenty of room both between the foregrip and trigger guard and inside the trigger guard itself. Room for the biggest hand, even when tucked in tight. The trigger guard is also smoothed and rounded out with a fully contoured 3D machined surface so there are no sharp edges or corners to be found.


At the front of the frame a new fully enclosed composite battery holder houses the two AA batteries that power the CS2. They are held in place with a tool-less quick-release cover that keeps the batteries in place and pushed up against the spring terminals mounted directly to the primary PCB. The batteries "float" between coil springs at either end meaning contact is retained at all times, even during the fiercest dives. The front of the new frame also hooks directly into the front of the CS2 body to add an extra level of security between the two components. The CS2 will withstand repeated dives onto the roughest and toughest playing surfaces without issue.


CS2 Battery GIF

The tool-less theme encompasses not just the battery holder and rear grips, but also the foregrip, the eye covers, the detents and of course, the drivetrain. But even traditionally more complex operations have been designed to be easier than ever. Removal of just two screws gives complete access to the solenoid assembly, for example. And the new trigger can be removed for cleaning and maintenance with a single screw and without removing the frame or even the grips. The CS2 is not only one of best performing and most reliable markers ever built by Eclipse. It is also one of the easiest to work on and maintain.

Rounding out the hardware on the CS2 is new low-rise feed and the FL Barrel, complete with two backs. Not only does the carbon fibre barrel manufactured in conjunction with DeadlyWind work exceptionally well, but it also helps contribute towards the CS2 being the lightest spool valve based marker we have produced for a number of years, coming in at an feather light 1.9lb including batteries and barrel.


Of course there are other features that players have come to expect from an Eclipse marker and may even take for granted. Like the hard shell case. The instruction manual and supporting video library of technical information. The tools and spares bundle. And of course the most extensive support network in the industry with more trained technicians at more events around the globe than any other manufacturer with extensive online technical support presence and even people on the end of a phone you can pick up and call if you ever need it. Eclipse really does have your back.

But at the end of the day, it's what happens on the field that really counts. Words mean for nothing there. It's where hard work, sweat and tears will take you to the prize. And it's where the tool in your hands can be the difference between winning and losing that prize. And that's what the CS2 was born for.