Classic Jogger - JT

JT Paintball

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The Classic Jogger - JT is the perfect blend of style and function for any paintball enthusiast. These pants provide both comfort and performance, all while staying budget friendly. Elevate your playing experience with the JT Classic Paintball Pants.


  • Elastic Waist: Revel in a secure and comfortable fit that adapts to your movements, ensuring uninhibited agility during intense paintball matches.
  • Elastic Cuffs: Stay focused on the game with secure elastic cuffs that keep your pants in place, eliminating distractions as you navigate the field.
  • Water-Repelled Front Zipper Pockets: Tackle unpredictable weather with confidence. Safeguard your essentials in water-repelled front zipper pockets, ensuring your valuables remain dry and secure.
  • Dual Squeegee Pockets: Stay prepared for every scenario with dual squeegee pockets, providing quick and convenient access to your paintball essentials.
  • Jogger-Classic Hybrid Design: Experience the perfect blend of modern jogger style and the enduring appeal of classic playing pants. Elevate your paintball presence with a contemporary look without compromising on practicality.
  • Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the JT Classic Paintball Pants are more than just stylish – they're a performance-driven choice for paintball aficionados. Step onto the field with confidence and flair, showcasing your skills in these exceptional jogger pants.