DSR+ Paintball Marker - ICON Series - Edition 1

Dye Paintball

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DSR+ ICON Series Edition 1

The First Edition of the new DYE Icon Series is the DSR+ in a Aggressively milled body. This marker includes all the performance upgrades DYE masks for the DSR+. Upgraded Ultralight UL-S barrel, with 2 bored backs and 1 UL-S tip; Ironman Pro Kit; Upgraded feedneck wheel; and Billy Wing trigger. Refined for today’s demands for the newer player wanting out-of-the-box pro performance to the diehard tournament player, the updated DSR+ offers class-leading, unparalleled dominance for an increased competitive edge and more fun on the paintball field. The DSR+ takes everything from the previous championship-winning platform and applies new and improved precision-engineered features and enhancements throughout the marker for next-level performance. Tough inside and out, the new DYE DSR+ returns yet again to outperform and outlast the competition.

Upgrades included in ICON Series

  • UL-S Barrel
    • .684 and .688 UL-S Back
    • UL-S 14" Tip
  • IM Pro Kit - Installed
  • Upgraded Feedneck Wheel - Installed
  • Billy Wing Trigger - Installed
  • Toolless solenoid posts and spacer - Included

Newly designed and updated bolt system delivering top performance in a robust, reliable package. Best-in-class efficiency, improved shot-to-shot consistency, and incredibly easy servicing are the end result of precise engineering. Optimized flow paths, dwell independent valve control, air supply cut off and nearly zero chamber expansion are all critical to the ARC+ Bolt’s air efficiency. The controlled bolt acceleration, air spring, impact bumpers, and ultra-low operating pressure ensure a smooth, quiet, and accurate shot that is extremely gentle on paint.


Features custom tuning airflow control for individual player shot signature preferences. This allows the player to make the shot signature as smooth as possible or get crisp, positive shot feedback. The flow control lever is easily accessed under the grip with a simple turn left or right for adjustment to your ideal shot signature.


Uses a flat face design proven by world-class comp shooters. The offset parallel faces promote a lower perch on the trigger, creating greater leverage. The mid and tip points offer positive contact points for increased trigger pull consistency and positive feedback against fingers. Optimal tuning, unbeatable speed, reaction time, and ultimate trigger control is found in the new Edge2 Trigger.


Quick-turn battery cover lock knob for an extremely simple tool-less access to battery housed in a durable, compact, and comfortable front grip.


All metal, adjustable Leverlock Clamping Feedneck securely locks in loader for a compact, lower profile.