ST3 Soft Tip Bolt Upgrade

Planet Eclipse

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Planet Eclipse has finally released a soft tip bolt that fits ALL their Gamma Core markers! 

Planet Eclipse flagship marker, the CS2, already comes with a ST3 soft tip bolt that most CS2 players run in their guns. Now, you can finally own one of these legendary bolts for any Planet Eclipse Gamma Core marker without buying a CS2 (or prying it loose from a CS2 owner). It even comes with a spare soft tip cushion.

This same bolt will work in the EMEK, GTEK, M170r, Etha 2, EMF 100 or of course the CS2 itself. However, it was previously only available with a CS2.  

The ST3 bolt is an excellent drop-in upgrade for all Gamma Core markers or even as a replacement bolt for the CS2 Pro and CS2. 

Fits these Planet Eclipse Markers:

  • CS2
  • CS2 Pro
  • Emek100
  • EMF100
  • Etha 2
  • GMek
  • GTek
  • GTek 160R
  • GTek 170R
  • Gtek M170R
  • GI Sports Stealth

MPN: GEOAI2400000