Emek EMF100 Paintball Marker

Planet Eclipse

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Planet Eclipse has made its first entry into the Mag Fed world.  Utilizing the Gama Core Engine in the EMek mechanical marker pairing with the DYE DAM Mag allows PE to create a mag fed gun that can shoot round ball and First Strike Rounds.  

The EMF100 is PAL compatible, allowing you to run a battery less hopper system that can sustain a decent fire rate should you choose to shoot hopper ball during regular rec play.

Ambidextrous mag release, Push Button safety, and full Picatinny rails makes this one slick paintball gun to use.

Box Includes:

  • EMEK EMF100 Marker
  • 14.5" 2-Piece Barrel
  • 2 x Barrel Bags (Wide and Standard Fitment)
  • Eclipse Blanking Mag
  • 1 x Continuous Feed Mag
  • 2 x Upgraded Springs and 2 x Upgraded Followers
  • PAL Compatible Feedneck
  • Feedneck Blanking Plate
  • Drop Stock Adaptor
  • Spare Parts
  • Hex Keys
  • Grease
  • Manual

Was Called EMG100 when released and then changed names to make less confusing.