Exalt Changing Bag

Exalt Paintball

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The Exalt Pod Bag not only stores your empty pods during transport, but can also function as a changing mat and coverup during changing in the pits or at the field. Made of ultra-tough, ventilated fabric, the Exalt Pod bag allows your pods sufficient airflow to dry moisture and paint that have accumulated while keeping your pods in a convenient & secure location. Zippered bottom makes unloading quick and simple, and drawstring closure at the top allows you to pull it up over your body for additional privacy if you need to change at the field.


Sublimated with the Exalt pattern and Logo, the bag is made with opaque material so that it does not show what is on the other side.  

Tip: Use the bag at the end of the day to put all your dirty clothes in so you only have one bag to take out of your Kit bag and take to the washing machine.


  • Integrated Zippered Bottom For Quick Unloading
  • Functions As Changing Mat/Pullover Coverup For Privacy While Changing
  • Ultra-Tough, Quick-Dry Construction
  • Fits 40-50 Standard Pods