IV Core ST2.5 Bolt Upgrade Kit

Planet Eclipse

Regular price $59.95

Soft Tip bolt upgrade kit for all Eclipse GEOs with IV Core installed. New design moves the soft tip inside the bolt instead of around the bolt front, eliminating the chance of the soft tip getting pinched with the bolt.

  • Soft Tip Bolt
  • Spare Soft Tip insert
  • Gentle On Paint
  • CS1.5
  • CS1
  • GEO4
  • GEO3.5
  • GSL
  • GEO3.1 (with IVCore upgrade)
  • GEO3 (with IVCore upgrade)
  • GEO2.1 (with IVCore upgrade)
  • GEO2 (with IVCore upgrade)
  • GEO (with IVCore upgrade)