In the Pits Podcast Joust - Event #1 Dec 10th

Regular price $75.00

The Joust is returning to Texas!

Inspired by the Hormesis Elite 1v1 Tour, the In The Pits Podcast Joust seeks to bring together all sorts of paintball players, from legendary professional players, to experienced tournament competitors, to newer speedball rookies, players of all ages and genders, to first timers looking to have some fun! The Joust will feature two evenly balanced teams of 20 players, competing in a 1v1 choose your champion showdown! The match will last 90 minutes, and the two teams will play as many 1v1 points as time allows! Sign up today and get paired with one of the largest teams in paintball!  Crowd participation is encouraged, so bring along friends and family members to cheer you on, or to trash talk your opponents!  Notable moments and performers of the day will be rewarded, so hold nothing back and put on a show!

The event will take place on Sunday, December 10th, with a 10am start time. The event will cap out at 40 signups (20 v 20), however if demand is there more slots will open. The full rulebook is being finalized and will be released soon, however expect some tweaks from the original Hormesis Duel. 

Price includes entry and paint cost. If you are in need of equipment, we will have some available at no cost. 

This event is sponsored by X-Factor Paintball Park, Project, Hormesis, Pate Smith Law, Hydra, and In The Pits Paintball Podcast