Ninja 4500psi HPA Tank Regulator - Flex Series

Ninja Paintball

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Ninja FLEX Series Regulators

Our all new FLEX regulator takes an old concept and makes it new again. The FLEX regulator features an "on the fly" adjustment to increase or decrease your regulator output pressure. This regulator system can be available in a variety of pressure ranges for both Paintball and PCP airgun use. Much like the tried and trusted PRO V2 regulators the Paintball versions of the FLEX features a 360 degree rotational collar for maximum comfort when installed on your marker. The dual gauge design allows you to quickly check both output pressure as well as remaining bottle pressure. The FLEX regulator also features the all new OFV fill valve. The new fill nipple features an O-Ring seal instead of thread sealant. This change allows the user to much more easily and quickly service the fill valve, as well as limit the chance of over tightening and shutting off airflow.

  • New Larger Steel Pin
  • Improved seal Integrity
  • Rotational 360 Degree bonnet
  • Pressure Adjustable with INCLUDED shims - You can achieve 400-1200psi
  • NEW O-Ring Fill Valve
  • 30-32 Hook Spanner Wrench


  • Regulator
  • Tournament Lock Sleeve
  • Hook Spanner Wrench
  • Spare Seals Bag
  • 3/32 Hex Allen Key
  • Flex Sticker
  • Owners Manual

Output Pressures:
Standard: Adjustable (450 to 1200 psi) 

The Ninja FLEX regulator has been awarded patent number.: US 11,169,550 B2