EMEK 100 Paintball Marker - Black (PAL Enabled)

Planet Eclipse

Regular price $289.95

The Emek gives players great performance and incredible value. And when coupled with the battery-free PAL Loader System you get an even better playing experience.

By using the iconic Gamma Core drivetrain activated by a super-robust mechanical 3-way valve, the Emek brings the shot characteristics, dynamics and feel of a modern hose-less high-end marker at an incredibly competitive entry-level price. It is lightweight, ergonomic, supremely reliable, smooth, efficient, quiet and robust. It’s simple to operate requiring no adjustments or tuning, just set the velocity, flip the safety latch to Fire, and go play.

The EMEK 100 paintball marker is a variation of the popular Etha marker by Planet Eclipse. The mechanical EMEK 100 shoots one shot per trigger pull. The body features tough GRN construction to withstand any beating that it may take while playing in shrubs and bushes. The EMEK 100 paintball marker is easy to disassembly and can be cleaned in minutes! For scenario and tactical players, an EMC kit can be installed to provide mounting rails. With an EMC kit attached (Sold separately), the user can attach a scope, laser, flashlight or whatever rail mounted accessory they would like.

A built-in safety mechanism allows you to go from safe to fire and vice versa with the push of a switch. The mechanical trigger itself is smooth and easy to pull. The Gamma Core Bolt System powers the EMEK 100. The Gamma Core Bolt can be found in other Planet Eclipse markers and has proven to be an efficient and smooth shooting platform. Unlike traditional guns at this price range that feature a blow back design, the Gamma Core Bolt is a spool valve design that cycles with far less pressure resulting in smoother shots. The EMEK 100 paintball marker is perfect for those looking to get into the sport or those who are seasoned vets. 

*NOTE* The Etha 2 EMC kit fits the EMEK paintball gun. Please understand that the Etha 2 EMC kit fits the EMEK but you will need to remove the front half of the barrel shroud if you plan to use the stock barrel. *NOTE*