ProDNA Changing Bag - All Over Skulls

Infamous Paintball

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Changing into and out of your paintball gear at the field can be an exposing situation.  Spending all the time pros and joes do at the field, nobody likes to stay in their paintball slider shorts and gear all day.  Changing however is either a run and change in a corner, or just go exhibitionist and show your junk/bum to the world. 

The changing bag, solves this conundrum by allowing you to wear the bag as kilt and drop trough to change your clothes.  The drawstring closure allows you to cinch the bag around your waist as you get geared.  The industrial Zipper on the other end allows you to close the bag and use it to store your street clothes in, fill with your gear to keep your Kit bag clean, or just carry things like pods.

Sublimated with the ProDNA Skull and Logo, the bag is made with opaque material so that it does not show what is on the other side.  

Tip: Use the bag at the end of the day to put all your dirty clothes in so you only have one bag to take out of your Kit bag and take to the washing machine.


  • Elastic Drawstring to cinch the bag around your waist.
  • Zippered bottom allows you to use the kilt as a bag.
  • Carry Handle allows you too sling the bag over your shoulder.
  • Makes changing easy, comfortable, and private.