Tank Tool

H2K Paintball

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The Tank Tool™ is quite simply a problem solver. For years competitive and recreational players alike have risked damage to expensive and expertly calibrated air tank regulators trying to remove them for travel, maintenance, or upgrade. Not only that, but the current way many players vent the air from their tanks is to simply remove their markers bolt and drain the air through expensive paintball guns, running the risk of damaging orings or internal parts.

Our patent pending design in the Tank Tool is an easy-to-use and simple solution to the many problems associated with venting air from your tank and removing the regulator. With three easy steps, using the affordable and durably built Tank Tool, paintball players no longer need to worry about damaging their valuable tank and markers. With built in features like a burst disk wrench, tank o-ring storage, extra burst disk storage, and tank-venting, the Tank Tool is truly a modern and simple solution to one of the oldest problems in the sport of paintball.


  • Drain all air from your compressed gas cylinder by threading in the tank threads into the Tank Pressure Release cavity.
  • Confirm that no pressure is present in the cylinder, pressure gauge reads zero psi, and you can easily press the tank pin with your finger with no air releasing.
  • Insert fill reg nipple removal slot over the tank fill nipple and rotate by hand, DO NOT APPLY FORCE WITH ANY OBJECT TO THE TANK TOOL AT ANY TIME. DO NOT STRIKE WITH OBJECT, USE BY HAND ONLY.
  • Slowly remove tank regulator by threading counter clockwise.